Curicyn Eye Care Solution, 2 oz

Curicyn Eye Care Solution, 2 oz


SKU: 852510007204


When you want to offer your trusty steed fast relief from irritating and painful eye problems, Curicyn Eye Care Solution Horse Supplement can help. This solution comes in a handy dropper bottle and is specially designed to help remove bacteria and reduce inflammation in your buddy’s eyes. Designed for conjunctivitis—also called pink eye—eye injuries and goopy eyes, these liquid drops soothe and calm red itchy eyes on contact. You can also use it to clean and help prevent a variety of eye-related issues. Safe for use on all animals, this formula won’t burn or sting any of your furry family members when applied.

Key Benefits
  • Safe to use with horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and more.
  • Promotes healing and helps reduce swelling and redness in your furry friend’s eye area.
  • Gentle formula won’t stain, burn, itch or create any sensitivity for your companion or livestock animals.
  • Helps eliminate bacteria from the sensitive eye area.
  • Comes in a dropper bottle for easy application.

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